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Ernest Hemingway, Orson Welles, Rainer Maria Rilke, James Joyce, Jorge Luis Borges, David Roberts RA, David Bomberg, Diego del Gastor, and the painter Joaquin Peinado a lifelong friend of Pablo Picasso's were all inspired by Ronda and the time they spent there. There are many others too who have been drawn to the magic and drama of the cobbled labyrinthine streets, the squares and palaces, the epic panorama of the Spanish landscape and the integrity of the Spanish culture in the royal city of Ronda and its surrounding white villages.

Atmósfera's Artists in Residence programme will thus reflect a very rich and historic tradition by offering Artist Residencies to writers, poets, film makers, photographers, painters, sculptors, musicians, performers and all the disciplines and crafts which Atmosfera teaches and engages with. The Residencies will provide a time of reflection, a place to research, to learn and refine skills, to develop new work, and to relish the company of other creatives.

Artist Residency Studios will be located at the home of the Academy and over time expand into a network of studios in Ronda and the surrounding white villages. This network of white villages allows Atmósfera to take advantage of some very beautiful and unique locations as the programme develops. A tiered system will be designed so that highly distinguished artists may have a residency, established and emerging artists, and practising artists can also pursue and develop their work enjoying the benefits of the Atmósfera community. Filmed and archived talks, lectures, discussion at artist's lunches, exhibitions and performances will all be derived from the Residency Programme.

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