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Atmósfera's Inspiration Events are a crucible for innovation and 'critical creative thinking' with engagement of the visual and performing arts, sciences, design, history, philosophy and all that is visionary and positive within the human condition. They are debate and contemplation engaging visionaries from all over the world who will be invited to Ronda to participate throughout each year. Atmósfera members will all be welcome to attend Inspiration Events and naturally the events will attract new members to the Atmósfera community.

The Inspiration Events are also a strategic part of creating a dynamic educational stimulus within Atmósfera'a education programme. All the talks, lectures, exhibitions, performances and atelier masterclasses which stem from the Inspiration Events will be filmed and archived by Atmósfera's film production team. This will form a significant library of knowledge and an invaluable teaching and learning resource for future generations.

Atmósfera's Inspiration Events will start in the first year and over time become a substantial programme. They will be hosted at the home of the Academy and in Ronda at a variety of dramatic venues and open air locations. Some of these will include Ronda's 500 seat Vicente Espinel Theatre (shown below) next to the gardens of the Alameda del Tajo, Ronda's open air cliff-edge amphitheatre  the Auditorio de Blas Infante (shown below) and the old santa Domingo Convento, a 500 year old building now the Palacio de Congresos de Ronda, situated next to the dramatic Puneto Nuevo. Music and Performing Arts will evolve through the Inspiration Events programme and will become organically a part of the core curriculum of Atmósfera Academy's masterclasses and education programme. 

                                " Creativity is as important as literacy."


                                        SIR KENNETH ROBINSON



Alan Livingston CBE > Culture & Education Advisor

Allen Jones RA > Painter, Sculptor, Printmaker

Andrew Logan > Artist, Jewellery Designer

Anna Mazzotta > Artist, Painter

Anthony Rowe > Digital Interaction Media Artist

Antonio Meliveo > Composer, Musician, Director, Writer

Carl Grinter > Animation,Visual Effects,Immersive Media, Producer

Caroline Lavelle > Cellist Musician, Singer Songwriter

Sir Christopher Frayling > Writer, Broadcaster, Educationalist

Clive Arrowsmith > Photographer

Curwen Print Study Centre > Fine Art Printmaking

Danny Lane > Sculptor

David Marshall > Sculptor

David Shilling > Milliner, Sculptor, Musician

Deide von Schaewen > Photographer, Filmmaker​

Duncan McKenzie > Guitarist, Singer Songwriter

Georgina von Etzdorf > Textile Designer

Hans Dieter Reichert > Typographer, Designer, Publisher

Hossein Farmani > Gallerist, Curator, Founder Lucie Awards

Howard Greenhalgh > Director, Commercials, Music Videos

Dr Jacqueline Cockburn > Art Historian, Lecturer, Linguist

James Horton PPRBA > Artist

John Atkin FRSS > Sculptor

Jon Cleary > Pianist, Musician / New Orleans

Jonathan Goldstein > Composer, Full Service Music Production

Jonathan Hodgson > Animator

Jonathan Mantle > Writer, Playwright, Screenwriter

Linda Tubby > Food Writer & Stylist

Lisi Tribble > Filmmaker, Actress, Screentwriter

Lorcan O'Toole > Actor, Screenwriter

Madeleine Dahm > Theatre Director, Choreographer

Marcos Marcell > Theatre Director, Actor, Educator

Marcus Ainley > Graphic Designer

Margaret Matheson > Executive Film Producer

Mark Brazier-Jones > Artist, Furniture & Lighting Designer

Neville Brody > Graphic Designer, Typographer

Ondrej Rudavsky > Animator, Director, Painter, Sculptor, Jeweller

Paul Cantelon > Composer of Film Scores & Classical Music

Pauline Kiernan D.Phil > Playwright,Shakespeare Scholar

Peter Randall-Page > Sculptor

Peter Siegenthaler > Writer, Historian,Teacher

Pippa Suthers > Trustee The Wallacea Trust

Richard Sorrell PPRWS RBA NEAC > Painter

Roger Dean > Artist, Concept Designer, Architect

Roger McGough CBE > Poet

Ruth Turner > Writer, Cultural Exchanges Director

Stephen Chambers RA > Painter

Stephen Farthing RA > Painter, Writer

Terry Gilliam > Director, Screenwriter, Animator

Tim Villiers > Sculptor, Furniture Designer

Vladimir Asriev > Gallery Director, Curator, Collector

Wim Wenders > Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Photographer

Zelda Cheatle > Photography Expert, Curator, Editor, Lecturer

Vicente Espinel Theatre - Paseo de Orson Welles

Auditorio de Blas Infante

" Art is embraced now in the widest spectrum of activity

more than at any other time in history."

Andrew Graham-Dixon

Art Historian, Broadcaster, Educationalist

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