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Anthony Harrild

Ruskin Professor Emeritus of Art 

at Cambridge School of Art

Executive Education Director

Anthony Harrild is Ruskin Professor Emeritus of Art at Cambridge School of Art, founder and curator of the Ruskin Gallery Cambridge and the Code Digital Gallery. Educated at Exeter St Andrews and the Slade, he has taught at Arts Schools in Brighton, Cambridge, Farnham, Kingston, London, Newcastle on Tyne and Sheffield and has been awarded Professorial titles at three UK universities. Anthony was editor-in-chief of POINT, the art and design research journal and he founded and edited Film Form magazine.

James Horton

Past President of The Royal Society of British Artists

Senior Tutor Drawing and Painting

James Horton graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1974. He was President of the Royal Society of British Artists from 2009 until 2017. The constant theme in his work is working from life, whether portrait, landscape or interiors. He works mainly in oil, watercolour and pastel, one of his books being 'Pastel Techniques'. He teaches and in 2002 accompanied HRH Prince Charles with ' The friends of Mount Athos' as Artist in Residence.

Thomas Newbolt

Artist. Teaches at

The Royal Drawing School

Senior Tutor Drawing and Painting

Thomas graduated from Camberwell School of Art in 1974. He exhibited at Roland Browse and Delbanco, Browse and Darby and now at Piano Mobile Fine Art. He was Artist in Residence at Trinity College Cambridge 1979-81 and a Fellow at the University of Virginia 1981-83. He has taught at Camberwell, the University of Wisconsin, Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge School of Art) and the Royal Drawing School.

Richard Sorrell

Past President of The Royal Watercolour Society

Senior Tutor Drawing and Painting

Richard was born in 1948. He studied at the Royal Academy Schools and is a Past President of the Royal Water Colour Society. He was an Executive member of the New English Arts Club and later a member of the Royal Society of British Artists where he was awarded the De Laslo Medal in 2002. His work is in numerous collections internationally, including the V&A Museum and the National Trust in the UK.

Professor Olivier Richon

Head of Photography at

The Royal College of Art

Senior Tutor Photography

Olivier Richon, born in Switzerland in 1956 has been the head of Photography at the Royal College of Art since 1997. He previously taught Photography at Derby School of Art and the University of Westminster. He has collaborated with Art Schools and research groups in Paris, Chicago, Modena and Arles. Olivier is an Artist working with Photography. His work proposes a re-interpretation of the still-life genre.

Denis Waugh

Landscape Photographer

Senior Tutor Photography

Denis is a New Zealander who has lived in the UK since 1966. He was one of the first students of the Photography Department at the RCA set up by Professor  John Hedgecoe in 1967. His Photography has included working for British, European and American magazines and advertising for many international clients. Many of his portraits are held in the archives of the National Portrait Gallery, London.

Len Massey

Artist, Past Head of Drawing at

The Royal College of Art

Senior Tutor Drawing

Len Massey is an Artist and Musician who ran the Royal College of Art Drawing Studio for 17 years, previously working with EMI's head recording engineer at Abbey Road Studios. At the RCA he taught drawing in the widest sense possible as an inclusive interactive behaviour for students and staff. He is renowned for inviting many distinguished international tutors into his inspirational drawing programme.

Dr Jacqueline Cockburn

Art Historian

Senior Tutor Art History

Jacqueline did her Art History degree and PhD at London University. Her specialist field is Spanish Art but she also lectures on European Art 1790 -1950. She lectured at Westminster School, London and Birbeck College, University of London for over 20 years. She lectures at the V&A, Christies Education, The Art Fund, The London Art History Society, Art Pursuits Abroad as well as several other prestigious institutions. She is accredited by The Arts Society working for them internationally delivering lectures on Arts History subjects. 

Ian Cockburn CTD

Art Historian

Senior Tutor Art History

Ian Cockburn is a specialist in medieval Spanish Art History, with a focus on the Islamic material culture of the Iberian peninsula during the period of ‘Moorish’ occupation, from the initial invasion in 711AD to the completion of the ‘Reconquest’ in 1492AD. He took a BA in History of Art at Birkbeck College, University of London in 2012, and an MA in Medieval Spanish Art History at the Courtauld Institute in 2017. 


Linda Tubby

Food Stylist, Writer

Senior Tutor Gastronomy

Linda Tubby is a top food stylist, recipe developer and writer. She started her career as a fashion designer, but during her travels discovered a passion for food that she couldn’t resist. Linda has written six gastronomic books among them ‘Cracked’, ‘The Spanish Country Kitchen’ and ‘Ices Italia’. She has worked for a litany of magazines  which include Sainsbury’s Magazine, Waitrose Food Illustrated, Food and Travel and Bon Appetit. Freshly sourced ingredients are paramount to her cooking philosophy. 

Dr Pauline Frederica Kiernan

Playwright, Screenwriter & Shakespeare Scholar

Senior Tutor Creative Writing & Scriptwriting

Pauline V1.jpg

Pauline is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and prize-winning short story writer and tutor in Creative Writing. 

She took a BA First in English Literature, and a doctorate in Shakespeare both from Oxford University, and an MA in Playwriting at Birmingham University. She has held lectureships and fellowships at the University of Oxford and Reading. She is also a Shakespeare scholar, appointed Leverhulme Research Fellow at Shakespeare's Globe, working

as dramaturge and research resource with Mark Rylance. and the acting companies in its first six years, and has given talks on the dramatist world-wide. She is the author of the ground-breaking Shakespeare's Theory of Drama and the 

best-selling Filthy Shakespeare.

" What is interesting to observe is the increasing demand from

  young and mature students to be taught in the more practical

  and applied side of visual art in a positive and tangible way. "  


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